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Our offer

Horse riding lessons


The Riding Centre offers horse riding lessons from the basics, including grooming and saddling, under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Horse riding courses - Holidays in the saddle


To all children who love horseback riding and would like to hone their skills, we offer intensive holiday horse riding camps at the Horse Riding Centre.

Integration events


With the picturesque landscapes in the Jaszkowo Horse Riding Centre, as well as the great conditions for organising different kinds of trainings, we invite you to arrange with us your integration events combined with employee training.



Antoni Chłapowski’s hotel in Jaszkowo is housed in a painstakingly restored 19th-century palace surrounded by a beautiful scenic park.

Our offer for hikers


Jaszkowo is an ideal place where hikers can rest and became familiar with the facilities of the Horse Riding Centre.



As every year, in autumn, at the Jaszkowo HRC, Hubertus, the hunting race, is held. Hubertus is first of all riding together in the wild, which ends with a fox hunt. For the less proficient riders and children – a game of finding a ‘fox’, which is a bag of sweets with a surprise, hidden under the roots or branches of a tree.

Every Pole a Rides Horseback


Our Every Pole Rides a Horseback action was initiated by the Riding Centre in 2002 and will be developed for many years to come.




Special Award

On 02 December 2011 participated in the ceremonial presentation of awards by the Marshal Office of Wielkopolska.


II Indoor Championships in driving

On 26-27.11.2011 were held in Jaszkowo II Indoor Championships in driving horse-drawn carts.


Preschoolers with a visit to Borovets Jaszkowo

Presentation of year-end non-public pre-kindergarten children with elves in Borovets.


Pony European Championships 2011 - presentation

Pony European Championships in four disciplines: dressage, show jumping, eventing and horseball 26-31 July 2011 "


Funpage on Facebooku

From now on you can keep track of what's happening with us at our fanpage on Facebook.


St. Hubert run

October 29 this year, we celebrated the St. Hubert Day at Centrum Hipiki Jaszkowo.

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The FEI Europeans Pony Championships Jaszkowo 2011



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